Mobile Friendly – Are you there yet?


Yesterday, we posted about the awareness SEO experts should have in the world of voice search. Today, we’re going to direct this one more towards business owners. This isn’t new news – not even sort of. But for some reason, business owners still haven’t quite got their heads around its importance.


Mobile friendly websites.


Search Engine Land published a report stating that around 60% of total searches are performed on mobile devices. This report was completed in mid 2016, so it is likely that this figure has increased. Living in the reality of smartphones in the palm of every hand, this can’t be particularly surprising. A 60/40 ratio of mobile vs desktop search does seem to be accurate, so my question is, why are there so many businesses that still aren’t mobile optimised?


On April 21, 2015, Google announced that websites that are not mobile optimised will suffer in the search rankings. That’s not only in the mobile rankings, but in the desktop SERPs as well. Google have rolled out their mobile optimised algorithm, which, in theory gives mobile optimised websites a boost in the search engine positioning. This means that websites that are not mobile optimised will suffer and be pushed further down the rankings. Keep in mind that Google aren’t issuing penalties for this – however losing your place in the SERPs is penalty enough.


It is important to remember remember remember that there is not only one Google index. If 60% of total searches are performed on mobile devices, it is vital to ensure that your website is ready. You can do this in a number of ways, but the first thing you need to do is check below to see if your website is optimised:


If the answer is no, we can help, so get in touch. If you are on a CMS like WordPress, there are plugins such as WPTouch that will do a simple job for you… though honestly, I’d suggest changing your theme or get a custom one built for you.


If you are on a basic HTML static or dynamic website, the process is a little more complicated, but look at media queries and once you get them set up, you’ll be on your way. Take a look at W3 Schools for more info:



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